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Zhang Yong

International trade law, Maritime law, International law

Liu Gang

 Industrial development and innovation policy

Qin Hai Ying

Market economic theory and reform, Experimental and behavior economics, Currency financial theory, Marxism economics

Zhou Ai Min

Financial engineering, Security investment, Quantization investment technique

Zhou Li Qun

Market structure, Enterprise organization, Regional Economy

Zhao Tie Suo

Modern and contemporary Chinese history

Li Ji

Operations Management , Service Management, General Management

Xue Hong Zhi

High-tech Entrepreneruship,Innovation and Business Growth,Intrapreneurship and New Venture Development

Yang Jun

Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Social network, Entrepreneurial opportunity and Innovation

Zhao Wei

Leadership, Management Communication, Strategic Management, Organizational Change & Growth

Zhao Lu

Marketing Communication, Advertising

Bai Chang Hong

Brand management and media marketing, Service management and Competitiveness assessment, Customer value management and strategic marketing, Culture marketing and city brand research

Chen Guo Xin

Corporate finance, Financial statements analysis, Financial accounting

Cui Xun

Human Resource Management, Labor Relations, Organizational Behavior

Han De Chang

Marketing management, Marketing strategy management, Consumer behavior and customer relationship management

Han Jing Lun

International trade theory and practice

Li Li

Financial Management, Financial Report Analysis, Logistics Finance, Portfolio Investment and Securities Market Analysis

Li Wei An

Corporate Governance

Liu Zhi Yuan

Corporate finance, Capital market and accounting, Management control system

Lv Feng

Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development,Leadership,Team

Ma Lian Fu

Corporate Governance, Marketing Management, Investor Relations Management, Corporate Marketing

Qi An Bang

Modern project management methodology and Project cost management, Project Integrated Management and Project Risk Management, Project feasibility study, Project evaluation, Project review technique

Qi Shan Hong

Management philosophy, Organization belief, Taoist Management

Wang Quan Xi

Corporate finance, Corporate management, Financial strategy, Financial information and decision, Corporate tax management

Wang Xue Xiu

Corporate culture theory and practice, Chinese culture and management theory

Wang Ying Jun

Strategy Management

Wang Yong Jin

Options, Futures and Derivatives, Credit Risks and Default Predictions, Financial Engineering and Financial Econometrics, Probability Theory and  Stochastic Processes

Wu Xiao Yun

Global marketing, Service marketing, Marketing strategy

Wu Li Dong

Corporate Governance

Xu Hui

Marketing, International Marketing Management, Service Marketing and Marketing Management, International Risk Management

Xue You Zhi

Strategic Management, Corporate governance, Enterprise's ethics, MOA

Yan Jian Yuan

Logistics and Supply Chain Management,Management Information System,Electronic Commerce

Yang Bin

Strategic Human Resource Management, Labor Relation, Corporate Governance, Comparative Economics

Yu Bin

Strategic Management, Organizational Theory and Management, Transnational Management, International Marketing

Zhang Jin Cheng

Service management, Strategy management, Production and operation management

Zhang Yong Qiang

Business model innovation, marketing mamagement,marketing channel management

Zhang Yu Li

Business Strategy and New Venture Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in transition economies, Organizational Theory

Zhou Xiao Su

Quality of Accounting Information, Quality of Financial Report

Yang Jia Wen

Chinese investment environment, Chinese financial market, Bank risk analysis and management, International balance of payment analysis

Han Yong Liang

Strategic alliances,Global Strategy,Strategy and structure of firms in emerging economies,Innovation Management

Si Xiao Fu

Entrepreneurship, Strategy management

Garry D. Bruton

Entrepreneurship, International Business, Strategy

Zhou Jian

Corporate strategy and sustainable competitive advantages (SCAs) of  firms, International organization and governance of Chinese multinationals,Inter-firm strategic alliances and governance of network organizations